Helping emotional stress, weight loss, weight gain, eating disorders and relationships with food

Honouring the whole person, without judgement and treating the underlying issues and emotional influences behind weight and eating struggles

I'm so grateful to be part of this incredible team helping to support clients and anyone needing guidance with eating disorders and complex relationships with food and weight.

Our team of experts includes Yoga and Meditation, Dietitian/Nutrition Therapists, Clinical Psychologists, Culinary Nutritionists..... Enabling a full holistic approach, treating and supporting the whole person- mentally, emotionally, energetically and physically. We meet on Zoom. So you are able to join us from wherever you are.

The team, headed by Susan Osher at Connected Eating has now launched the Intensive Outpatient Program virtually! At Connected Eating we know that this year has been a time of great stress and uncertainty for so many and are excited to transition to this online format to safely work with clients from a distance. Running five days a week by video, the virtual IOP includes three lunches and meal support, as well as educational and support groups. This is perfect for those who are working remotely, are at school virtually, or are looking for more intensive support during this challenging time Visit their website or contact us for more information!

The team includes: Susan Osher - Dietitian/Nutrition Therapist

Dr. Michelle Foster - Clinical Psychologist

Dr. Nina Mafrici - Clinical Psychologist

Sari Papular - Culinary Nutritionist

Alida Iacobellis - Dietitian/Nutritionist

Alessandra Magisano - Dietitian/Nutritionist

Marda Sperber - Meditation, Yoga, Lifestyle and Reiki

Anne Hughes - Program Coordinator

Helping emotional stress, weight loss, weight gain, eating disorders and relationships with food through meditation, yoga, meal support and therapy

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