We are all unique and everyone’s experience while practicing Mindfulness or Meditation will be different. The mind is very powerful, and learning to still the mind and connect to the present NOW moment can take lots of practice. Gradually, you will become more familiar with yourself and your own natural inner wisdom will ultimately surrender into more inner peace and calmness. Let go of control, let go of judgement and the need for your experience to be a certain way, and try to surrender into the best experience for your highest good each day. It's often better to enjoy some physical movement first, allowing the flow of energy to move through your physical body. This way, when you find a stationary position to sit or lie down, it'll be more comfortable and you may ease into a deeper meditation, just like in Shevasena at the end of a yoga class. I recommend trying a few different ways of meditation. What works for someone else, may feel different for you. And what works one day, may be replaced by something that feels better another day. The key is to be the witness. Notice what feels good for you, with kindness, compassion and curiosity.


• More relaxed body and mind

• Improved mental focus and concentration

• Less focus on the small stresses

• Receiving messages from your body

• Greater ability to go with the flow

• More gratitude for all the good things in your life

• Seeing yourself and others with more understanding, compassion and love

• Better health and vitality

• Increased joint and muscle health

• Decreased anxiety, stress and depression

• Reduced blood pressure

• Boosted immunity

• Improved digestion

• A greater sense of well-being and balance in your life

• Developing a quieter and calmer mind

• More heart-centred

• Healthier ego

• Improved sleep

• Inner wisdom and self connection

• Strengthened intuition and connecting to your inner knowing

• Raised vibration

Join a class to be guided on a few different breathing techniques and meditation practices. We usually have a different suggestion or theme every week. It is good to try each lots, and notice with curiosity, how your mind, body, heart and energy respond.

Remember, there is no wrong way - see what works for you, honouring yourself and your beautiful unique individual experience.

I invite you to start today forming a new positive routine, journalling your experiences and also logging your meditations. Please honour yourself and your human journey and do what feels best for you. Most importantly, when you have a bad day, and maybe there's no way your mind will slow down, just notice, with kindness, compassion and curiosity.... and ofcourse humour. After all - You are human!

The light in me honours and recognises the light in you



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