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Reiki Universal Life-force Energy Healing & Friend for Life

Reiki has honestly been one of the most transformational tools helping me connect to loving healing light & energy for myself and many around me, and it would be my honour to share it with you!

I invite you to join me to experience a delicious taste of the healing energy in our Group Reiki Healing @10am this coming Tues (20/10/2020) Lifting the mask up from the fear and stress around us, choose to see the beautiful magic in the air! Another amazing portal of energy and light for us to use and enhance Reiki Love Healing Energy together. If you can’t make it, but would like to be added to receive some Loving Energy, or if you are joining and attuned to Reiki, please let me know. Please contact me for the Zoom link, all welcome!

Reiki is a wonderful calm preventative and healing modality for many diseases and injuries as well as stress reduction and relaxation. The Reiki practitioner taps into “life force energy,” which can improve the clients' health and quality of life. This energy work treats the whole person, including body, emotions, mind, energy, electromagnetic field and spirit, and results in feelings of peace, deeper intuition, security, and well being. 

My first teacher, Claudia Bertototto opened my life up to the incredible Reiki energy which was originally brought to the West from Japan through the Usui-Hayashi-Takata Lineage. I was also lucky enough to receive an additional Reiki Masters from Hillary Faye and Awaken Love, bringing in the Kundalini Reiki methods. Taking the best of all the teachings, I would be honoured to share and attune you to Reiki enabling you to help yourself and others around you!

I was first attuned to Reiki for myself and I knew it would help bring more meaning and flow into my life. I started using it to help my kids and people around me, and gradually started helping more people who heard of Reiki and wanted to try, and so the energy keeps growing. As a mother whenever our kids hurt themselves, we often automatically touch the area to ease the pain. Reiki and being connected to Universal Energy is everyone’s birthright, being attuned just helps bring it more to the surface and adds more confidence to use it on others.

Are you looking to learn and be attuned to Reiki for yourself? We also have 2 new Reiki courses scheduled for Nov!

Reiki 1: Nov 2 *

Reiki transformational light and healing energy helps support & boost health and vitality. Connect to high vibrational energy for body, mind, heart, soul & energy. Reiki raises vibration, helps reduce stress, balances chakras, heals and relaxes. https://fb.me/e/82HU5Tk8b

Reiki 2Nov 13 *

Diving deeper & immersing in more Reiki light, harmony, Universal energy and Reiki love into your everyday life in more practical ways. The symbol attunements can also help you provide Reiki over long distances and send healing energy & love wherever it may be needed in the world. https://fb.me/e/2UTobAx3I

* Please contact me for more dates ** Energetic exchange for each level is valued at $250 for the course and attunement. If money is blocking you from joining this training, please let me know. I’d love to hear from you, about Reiki or anything else filled with High Vibration going on in your life!

Abundant Reiki Love and Light to you all!



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